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·       B.A. - Philology and Literature

·       M.A - Informational Aesthetics

·       Ph.D. - Communication Sciences (Semiotics)


Born in Oporto, Portugal. Received his Bachelor’s degree in Letters from the University of Coimbra, and finished his Ph.D. in Communication Sciences (Major: Semiotics) at the Universidade Nova, Lisbon.

Has taught and done research in several national and international universities: Faculty of Letters of the University of Porto, University of Paris X (Nanterre), University of Siena (Italy), University Louis Pasteur (Strasbourg). At the University of Strasbourg developed with Abraham Moles a research project in the area of computer generated art.  He is the founder, at Fernando Pessoa University, of CETIC-Centro de Estudos de Texto Informático e Ciberliteratura (Centre of Cyberliterature Studies).


Former full Professor at the Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espectáculo (Faculty of Music and Performance Arts-ESMAE/IPP), invited professor at Universidade Fernando Pessoa (Porto), and invited member and consultant of the following Research Centers: Centro de Comunicação e Linguagens (Centre of Communication and Languages Studies, Universidade Nova, Lisbon -CECL); Centro Transdisciplinar de Estudos da Consciência (Centre of Transdisciplinary Conscienceness Studies -CTEC) and Centro de Texto Informático e Ciberliteratura (Centre of Cyberliterature and Informatic Text Studies -CETIC), both at Fernando Pessoa University (Portugal); Núcleo de Pesquisa em Hipermídia (Hypermedia Studies Unit -NUPH) at PUC-Sao Paulo (Brazil); and Centre de Recherches sur les Textes Électroniques Littéraires (Centre of Electronic Literary Texts Studies -CERTEL), at the University of Artois (France).


Main Books


·   «Theory of the Modern Theatre: axioms and theorems» (Essay prize of Portuguese Association Writers – 1980)

·   «Metamorphosis of the Real – art, imaginary and aesthetic cognition» (1995)

·   «Cyberliterature – Literary Creation and the Computer» (1996)

·   «Art, Communication and Semiotics» (2002) 

·   «Theory of the Modern Theatre – the zero hour» (2nd edition, augmented - 2003)

·   «Cyberliterature, Artificial Intelligence and Quantic Theory» (ebook, 2012)

·   «UFO fables and other essays: within the orbit of extraterrestrial issue» (ebook, 2014; 2.nd ed. 2016)



·    «Eróstrato» (theatrical rite - 1984); «Theatrical sacrilege» (rearranged re-edition, 2004)

·    «Anticleia or the Dream Umbrellas» (spoken play) – 1992; «Is there anyone out there?» (re-arranged re-edition, 2004)

·    «SlowMetropolitanOporto» (dramaturgy - 1993)

·    «SlowImaginaryOporto» (2001)

·    «Alletsator-XPTO.Kosmos.2001» (electronic opera - 2001)



·    «The Loo’s  Caretaker» (1976; 2nd edition, 1978; 3rd edition 1984; 4th edition 2007)

·    «Preface for an Only Character» (1993)

·    «Stories of the Minhó-Minhó Girl» (for children - 1988; 2nd ed. 2009)



·    «The Cybernetic Literature 1: computer generated autopoems» (1977)

·     «The Cybernetic Literature 2: a fiction  synthesizer» (1980)

·    «Thinking Machines: computer generated aphorisms» (1986)

·    «Theory of the Sitting Man» (virtual book - 1996)

·    «The Textual Machine» (infinite electronic book - 2001)



·    «In the Name of the Cosmos 1 - under the sign of Adeni Saba» (chronicle of an alien contact)

·    «In the Name of the Cosmos 2 - under the sign of Thuntsha Ptshba» (chronicle of an alien contact)

·    «In the name of the Cosmos 3 - Mirage: star Antares» (chronicle of an extraterrestrial contact)

·    «In the Name of the Cosmos 4 - within the orbit of waiting issue» (chronicle of an alien contact)

·    «In the name of the Cosmos 5 - Mission: Portugal» (chronicle of an alien contact)



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